Halifax Water Catchbasins (also known as storm drains) are an important part of drainage infrastructure. Usually located within a curb and a vital part of flood control, catchbasins allow water to quickly drain from the streets. If these basins get clogged by trash, leaves, or other debris - even snow and ice - flooding may result or other dangerous conditions may occur. Most catchbasins in Halifax Municipality are connected to the stormwater system, which may drain directly into area waterways. Others connect to the combined collection system (wastewater + stormwater) and if clogged, may cause overflow events.Help keep catchbasins clear by not tossing garbage into the catchbasin. If you find debris over a catchbasin, please clear it safely or report it to HRM by calling 311.  Never dump liquids, soapy water, paint, used motor oil or other hazardous material or chemicals into these storm drains. “Only rain in the storm drain”If you see a catchbasin that appears to be damaged or tampered with (i.e. missing the grate), please report it to Halifax Water by calling 902-H20-WATR (902-490-9287).  If you see someone dumping material into the catchbasin, please email

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