Halifax Water Fire Hydrants are an important part of the fire prevention system and provide emergency water for firefighting. Routine maintenance and flushing occur to ensure they function properly.  To ensure public safety, fire hydrants must remain accessible to the fire department at all times.Halifax Water is making the location of individual public fire hydrants available. This information includes hydrant identification number.Except for limited circumstances where a permit is issued, use of fire hydrants by other than Halifax Water or Fire Department staff is prohibited and subject to fines.  The public is encouraged to report unauthorized hydrant use as well as any hydrant that may be leaking or damaged by calling 902-H20-WATR (902-490-9287).METADATA

Dataset Attributes

  • HydrantNumber
    {"value"=>"H11403", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"H18048", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"H18026", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"H72", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"H1331", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"H14164", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"H15319", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"H19011", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"H16388", "count"=>1} (), {"value"=>"H22167", "count"=>1} ()

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